Anti-corrosion test simulator

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Universal Testing Machine Simulated Corrosion Testing Engine Coolant Model - PND4696 ZND 2017 SSCTEC Designed and manufactured in accordance with Iran's national standard INSO 4626 and ASTM 2750 standard. It covers all the requirements and requirements contained in the standards.
Anti-corrosion test simulator

Simulated Service Corrosion Testing of Engine Coolant


The device is equipped with a computer control and data processing system and can record the temperature, pressure, antifreeze rate and control status of the device in specified time periods and control the test cycle completely. The device software is designed and implemented with a powerful LabView program, and has numeric logging capabilities, graphing, printing results and more. . . is . The computer control and vectorization system was implemented as a Rack Mount .

This device is designed and manufactured in a universal manner and is able to perform the test on a cooling system of various types of engines. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the pump water pump and the radiator on the machine. Also, if the engine shell is of cast iron or aluminum, the test tank should be selected from the same gender. Since in each vehicle, the water pump is mounted on the engine shell and the water pump compartment is fitted to the body shape and blades, for the installation of each water pump on the test apparatus, a metal block with a similar engine shell And a chamber made with the same design as an automobile engine. The radiator installation fixture on the test device is also adjustable so that different radiators can be installed on the device. A three-phase electric motor with a power of 1100 Watt , controlled by a frequency controlled inverter, drives the pump to the machine. Thus, the coolant discharge rate will be adjustable by adjusting the engine speed. The flow rate of the coolant is measurable by a digital turbine flowmeter. The circulating system of the machine with a TU5 pump water pump can generate a flow rate of 110 Lit / min . The test setup is done manually by the operator.

To create the test simulation temperature, a jacket Eletrical Heater is installed around the entire test chamber and completely surrounds it.The power of the electric heater is 2500 Watt and can increase the temperature of the coolant to 100 ° C. A digital temperature controller with a PID controller and a PT100 temperature sensor will read the temperature of the coolant with a precision of +/- 0.1 ° C and automatically adjust to the specified range ( 85, +/- 3 ° C ). Make

In order to adjust the test pressure, the air pressure of the expansion vessel of the coolant circulation system is adjusted through a highly precise two-stage neuromatic regulator. During the test, the test pressure is measured by a digital pressure gauge. Test pressure setting is done manually by the operator.

At the customer's request, a cooling system is provided along with the device according to its requirements. At present, the TU5 motors are installed on the PND 4696 - ZND 2017 SSCTEC , radiator, water pump and antifreeze test machine. However, as previously explained, the device will be designed and engineered to be installed and tested on a variety of radiators and different circulation circulation pumps. It is necessary to explain that for each pump the circulation requires a separate and unique fixture that the buyer should have ordered and purchased separately if needed.

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