Universal device for testing the hinges of the car's side door

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Universal testing machine model PND 4697 - ZND 2018 UHTS has been designed and tested for performance testing and durability of the hinges of passenger car doors. The device has the ability to test the performance (measuring the torque needed to open and close the hinges, the hinges and the door hinges) and the durability of the hinges for the passenger car doors. Otherwise, the hinge fixing chucks on the test device are interchangeable and for testing any type of hinge, the appropriate fixture should be installed on the device. On this machine, the test conditions are similar to the car's door. In order to simulate the actual condition of the car door, a special frame frame with a general dimension is used.
Universal device for testing the hinges of the car's side door



In order to simulate the actual condition of the door, the following tests are expected to be performed on this device:

A. In order to simulate the installation conditions of the hinges on the vehicle, a pillar-shaped base is used as the hinge pillar.

B. In order to simulate the weight of the door, a number of special weights that can be mounted on the door frame are used. These weights are mounted on the door frame and on predetermined points, and by changing the number and weight, we can simulate the weight of the door in question.

C - In order to simulate the center of gravity of the door, predetermined points on the door frame are predicted. By changing the position of the weights to the door frame, the center of gravity of the door can be adjusted at the desired distance from the hinge center. Be

D - In order to simulate the position of the door handle, predetermined points on the door frame are foreseen.

E - The frame of the door is designed and constructed exclusively by a pair of fixture for each car door and is installed through a hinge system and test hinges on the base of the column. After installing the hinges tested and during the various tests, the hinges will open on the machine.

Important note: Measuring and calculating the net weight of the door and its center of gravity through physical tests and before installing the door frame on the testing machine is done.

Other specifications of Universal Testing Machine PND 4697 - ZND 2018 UHTS are as follows:

1 - The hinge angle is measured and recorded using a rotary encoder. The accuracy of this encoder measurement is 360˚ +/- 0.1˚ .

2 - The handle of the door handle to the center of the hinge (door hinge axis) is measured through a ruler with a precision of 1 mm .

3. The amount of force applied to the door handle during the opening or closing of the door can be measured by a load cell with a capacity of 25 Kgf and a precision of +/- 25 gr .

4. The torque required to open and close the door through the force measured by the gearbox and the length of the torque arm is calculated and measured by the computerized control system of the machine.

5 - Doing open and closing the door is done by a special grabbing engine. The rotational speed of this exhaust engine will be adjustable and regulated by an inverter frequency controller. The engine is capable of producing the required torque ( max. 100 Nm) for opening and closing the door. The exhaust outlet axis of the gearbox is identical with the door hinge axis and the force required to open and close the door through an arm mounted to the gearbox axle is applied to the door handle.

6 - To perform the durability test, the device must be removed from the power line to prevent damage to the device.

7. To carry out the durability test, the machine has a pre-set digital counting device with fixed memory, which will not be lost if the machine is turned off.

8 - The device is equipped with an absolute displacement sensor with a course of 25 mm for measuring the hinge load during the durability test. The accuracy of this sensor is +/- 0.025 mm .

9 - This machine is equipped with a computer control system with special control software and Data Acquisition . The Pentium Core i3 series computer has a 17 " LCD monitor , 1TB HDD , CD R / W , Optical Mouse , Standard Keyboard .

10 - The device software, designed and implemented under the powerful program LabView 7.1 , will be able to process information and draw the curve of torque changes in terms of angles and display the measured leakage rate. This information can be stored and restored on the hard disk of the computer and can be printed if necessary

11 - The durability test is carried out by the microcontroller interface and independently of the computer. Therefore, the computer will not need to be turned on during the durability test.

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