Cryogenic refrigerant compartments

Cryogenic refrigerant compartments Gallery

ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co., for the first time in the country, managed to design and construct refrigerated compartments at temperatures up to 80 ° C using cryogenic direct vaporization of nitrogen.

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Universal device for testing the hinges of the car's side door

Universal device for testing the hinges of the car's side door Gallery

Universal testing machine model PND 4697 - ZND 2018 UHTS has been designed and tested for performance testing and durability of the hinges of passenger car doors. The device has the ability to test the performance (measuring the torque needed to open and close the hinges, the hinges and the door hinges) and the durability of the hinges for the passenger car doors. Otherwise, the hinge fixing chucks on the test device are interchangeable and for testing any type of hinge, the appropriate fixture should be installed on the device. On this machine, the test conditions are similar to the car's door. In order to simulate the actual condition of the car door, a special frame frame with a general dimension is used.

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Anti-corrosion test simulator

Anti-corrosion test simulator Gallery

Universal Testing Machine Simulated Corrosion Testing Engine Coolant Model - PND4696 ZND 2017 SSCTEC Designed and manufactured in accordance with Iran's national standard INSO 4626 and ASTM 2750 standard. It covers all the requirements and requirements contained in the standards.

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