Zanjan Industrial Research and Development Co. , with more than twenty five years of experience in the field of applied research in the design and manufacture of test and control equipment for quality control and machinery of the production line, is proud to represent the German company's products and equipment testing and control equipment. Reilhofer KG and Taiwanese company Lenpure are serving the various industries of Iran.


Reilhofer KG company



Reilhofer KG , headquartered in Karlsfeld, near Munich, Germany, with a history of more than 20 years in designing and manufacturing " Early detection systems for faults in mechanical and mechanical equipment. "As well as " product quality assurance systems at the end of production lines ".Although the above equipment is mainly used to check the performance of powertraining equipment and powertrains in general, including motors, gearboxes, and differential gears. . . There are no restrictions on the use of this equipment in other industries, universities and research centers, and for various other applications.



The basis of the work of the aforementioned equipment is the examination and analysis of the vibrations and sounds caused by the operation of the tested equipment and equipment. In the equipment " early detection of defects ", the vibrations, oscillations and sounds of the controlled system are continuously monitored and by comparing the comparative information of the information during the operation of the device, in the event of any mechanical defect before the development and expansion of further damage and waste, The device or set will stop. Equipment " Product quality assurance at the end of production lines " is capable of analyzing vibrations, fluctuations and sounds created in different devices and sets and comparing them with a sound and reference device, its accuracy or inaccuracy. In the shortest possible time and in the highest possible precision.



Equipment and products of Rilhofer can be used at different stages of design, research and development projects and production lines. This equipment can be used to test segregated components and components, test engine separately, test the transmission system, test the entire vehicle's engine assembly or test other assembled parts and assemblies. Rayleuffer has won Ford's Art Prize for its clever innovations in the basis of the quality assurance of the production lines, and many of the world's leading automotive manufacturers and companies are customers of the company.



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Lenpure company

LENPURE, LENPURE , the largest and most trusted manufacturer of thermal testing, refrigeration, humidity, environmental conditions, and spray booths. . . In Taiwan. The products of this company are exported to many countries of the world, including European countries, with a CE Europe standard, high quality construction, one-year warranty and after-sales service.



LENPURE Company, while presenting its standard products in accordance with the technical specifications contained in the company's catalogs, is ready to design and manufacture the custom-made equipment of the best-known customers in the shortest possible time, with the highest quality and at the right prices.

Vibration test equipment with computer control system and also impact test are other products of this company.



Thermal, refrigeration and spray booths are also very large in size from other Lanpier products.



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