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    Providing :  

     If You need a particular and unique system or single purpose industrial machinery which can not be purchased  ready-made from the market, and must be custom-designed and manufactured  according to your requirement.

     If You intend to manufacture a product and are in need of counselling , clarifying a manufacturing technology, desiging and constructing production line, manufacturing facilities and machineries or relevant quality controls.

     If You have technological, technical or scientific problems and you need advice, counselling and directions to fix your problem. 




      will be to contact us, and tell us about your problems, or inform us about the technical specification of your given machinery or product.




     We then gather the essential scientific and technical informations, fulfill the industrial research, provide the relevant standards,  materials selection, clarify the technolofy of manufacturing and eventually design and construct you required machinery.


      ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co., with more than a quarter century experience and with its expert technical personnels and scientists, proclaim its readiness to supply the following technical and engineering services:

1- Designing and manufacturing of test and quality control systems and machineries    according to the desired standards.

2-  Designing and manufacturing of special medical equipment, especially nuclear medicine 3D imaging systems (SPECT & PET)  and X-Ray systems (CT Scan & Micro CT Scan).

3-  Designing and manufacturing of various  single-purposeIndustial Machineries  machine and systems for Various Production Lines and industrial.

4- Designing and manufacturing of various NC, CNC, PLC, Micro Controller Based or  PC Based  Control Units for  industrial automation.

5-   Designing and implementing a variety  industrial and medical softwares.

6-  Industrial consulting.