about us



     ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co. was founded in 1991 by some ingenious who are curious in research and innovation . In 1994 , following the general intentions of the company and for promoting its engineering services , the company was officially registered in the Bureau For Registering Companies And Industrial Inventions under the number of 108410 subsequently it become qualified to obtain the enabling clause of engineering under the number of 12417000087 and one for industrial research under the number of 12417000008 from the Ministry Of Industry.

     ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co., with the mission of applied research in the design and construction of special industrial systems and single-purpose industrial machines, is committed to implementing its firm belief in "customer empowerment" by relying on the capabilities of its partners, The proper use of resources in the framework of the rules and regulations establishes its quality management system based on the standard ISO9001: 2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.



     The mission of the  ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co. is  applied research in  design and manufacturing  of special single-purpose  systems, machinery and equipment. Therefore,  ZANIDJ product are custom-made and custom-designed according to the requirements and specifications which is provided by the customer. The design and manufacturing of systems, machines and equipment that are available in the country and in the world in a ready, standard technical specification or mass produced are considered to be outside the scope of our activities and products unless otherwise the customer needs that system or machine with special specification.



     ZANIDJ Industrial Research and Development Co., with its expert technical personnels and scientists, proclaim its readiness to supply the following technical and engineering services:

1- Designing and manufacturing of test and quality control systems and machineries    according to the desired standards.

2-  Designing and manufacturing of special medical equipment, especially nuclear medicine 3D imaging systems (SPECT & PET)  and X-Ray systems (CT Scan & Micro CT Scan).

3-  Designing and manufacturing of various  single-purposeIndustial Machineries  machine and systems for Various Production Lines and industrial.

4- Designing and manufacturing of various NC, CNC, PLC, Micro Controller Based or  PC Based  Control Units for  industrial automation.

5-   Designing and implementing a variety  industrial and medical softwares.

6-  Industrial consulting.